Often overlooked is the value you can add to your project by planning the landscaping and outdoor living areas in conjunction with the initial building design.

Whether it be a new build, extension, or renovation; the integration and planning of all the living spaces into the overall plan can add significantly to the end result. This includes the outdoors.

Just like we plan and design a home around the interiors, consideration to the outdoors should also be given at the design concept stage. Even if you aren’t planning to undertake the construction of landscaping and/or outdoor living areas at this point, I recommend incorporating it into the overall design so you have a master plan to work towards in the future.


Our lifestyle on Australia’s east coast encourages outdoor living and the connection to outdoors can be enhanced by good planning at the time of build. Establishing the location of outdoor spaces, and most importantly the levels around the property will ensure the landscaping feels connected to the home creating the feeling outdoor areas are integrated with the interior spaces. Ideally we are seeking to maintain a flow between the living spaces, and even on a sloping block this can still be achieved with good planning of the site during construction.

Essential to good landscaping, and much easier to incorporate during early construction, is drainage and retaining walls if required. Consider the outdoor spaces, have an overall master plan, and determine what structural elements need to be incorporated into the early stages of the building project.


As builders and project managers we take a holistic, end-to-end view of a project from planning, design, construction, and management of all aspects of a job. Along with other specialist consultants we like to engage a landscape designer to collaborate with the architect and interior designer where appropriate to maintain a shared vision for the project.  Sight lines, aspect, paths of travel, and functionality of adjoining spaces should be considered as part of the overall package.

A landscaping plan should be closely integrated with the home design. It should establish levels and locations of key elements as well as structural items such as swimming pools, pergolas, fences, and other outdoor living spaces. Talk to us about the design and construction of your outdoor living spaces.