There is a heart and soul that comes with building a home that’s not always present on other projects.

I have built many new homes and renovation projects over the years, and this remains my most satisfying work. There is a great sense of joy that comes from working with a home owner to help them achieve their vision. I think it’s the engagement with our clients at a personal level that I enjoy the most. There is nothing more rewarding than collaborating with a professional team, including our clients, to achieve that end goal of complete satisfaction

We employ the same rigorous project management systems developed for our commercial projects – but usually a “lite” version, tailored to suit the needs and expectations of the individual home owner and the size and complexity of the job.

The same key requirements of communication, planning, scheduling and construction management are all required, but the formality and business style of the management system may be adjusted to suit each client


The level of design and documentation required for residential projects will vary depending on the job. Most clients have already defined what they are hoping to achieve, and these days with so many home style magazines and social media platforms available they will have probably put together their own aspirational brief.

At some point however the design brief needs to be developed into formal documents for pricing, approvals, and construction.  Depending on the level of design required we will usually enter into a design agreement to prepare documentation that defines the scope and allows firm pricing to be established.


We are fully licensed to carry out all residential building works, and to meet the requirements of the NSW Home Building Act.  All works are fully insured with our Contactors All Risk and Public Liability insurance cover. These statutory obligations are a given, but it is in other areas of construction and site management that we stand apart.

No works are performed on our sites without Hamilton Projects’ direct supervision. Whilst we perform most of the carpentry and associated works with our own team, many subcontractors are required to undertake specialist trades work. These subcontractors are generally our regular contractors, are inducted by us prior to commencement, and are required to comply with our WHS policies and procedures at all times.

I am personally on our sites every day to ensure the close co-ordination and communication with all stakeholders that is essential to a smooth running project. We use industry leading software and mobile applications to support our projects and to maintain the high level of communications necessary to achieve great outcomes.