As many of you know, just on two years ago we stepped aside from our commercial interiors work for a lifestyle change to NSW north coast. Last night our efforts on our recent residential project were recognized at the HIA Housing Awards. We are continually learning, improving, and still finding our feet in this area; and with the support of our professional suppliers and subcontractors we look forward to our next project. Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in our activities and a particular thank you to everyone that contributed to the Dunbogan beach house build.


Taking advantage of recent quiet times I have been working with Harry to set up his carpentry business. We are now ready to launch - so wish us well, cheer us on, and give us a follow @hp.carpentry ...

Breezeway harmony.
Crisp white woodwork, soft grey weatherboards, underscored with natural spotted gum decking.

Well that’s a wrap😉
I think we can declare the build phase of our beach house project now complete. Plantings and internal furnishings to follow soon but we are essentially finished.
Thank you to everyone for your interest and support along the way. And special thanks to my partners on this journey @liz_hamilton61 and @hazhamo
Thank you both for your support and perseverance through every part of this project, it has been a great team effort and I look forward to our next one!

The iconic Steve Jobs glass staircase. Did you know that he was granted two patents for the design of these stairs.
Anyone who has been involved with architectural glass projects will appreciate the challenge of this structure.
It’s elegance and simplicity belies the engineering behind it. So Apple 🍏

“Red sun in the morning, sailors take warning” _ not today please, we have a concrete pour on. ...

Seeking the right “greige”
Not too grey, not too beige.
Sample colour panels for client review.
The narrow vertical strips are the selected woodwork/trim colour. This is an important step in colour selections. It allows you to appreciate how the selected wall colour will relate to the trim and the contrast between them. This can be missed when just looking at colour panels in isolation. I’ll let you know the winner when selected😉

Another perfect day to be working outside, installing trims to the Dutch gables. ...

Living up the coast is great, but it is nice to visit the city from time to time.